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Compensation Claims

Important Information About Compensation Claims

Individuals who live in the United Kingdom and want to submit personal injury or compensation claims must know that in order to secure the best outcome you must have suffered a financial loss and/or pain and suffering. Generally a solicitor who agrees to take on your case has set up a no win no fee program. What this essentially means is that a solicitor does not collect any of the fees he or she would ordinarily assess you for his or her services during a civil case or hearing in which you are seeking monetary damages. The fees are also called conditional fees because the primary condition is securing a win in court in which monies are paid. This conditional fee is a part of a contract that the solicitor and you the client have with each other. Payment to the solicitor is contingent upon him winning your case for you. The types of compensation claims where this type of fee structure is offered are generally, personal injury claims but can also include divorce, breach of contract, or any other non-criminal claims.

Compensation Claims – Solicitor Fee Structure

The solicitors who are successful in securing a favourable verdict for their clients will then will receive a fee from the recovery. Needless to say, if the solicitor is unsuccessful the client has not lost anything in terms of personal finances. This type of payment arrangement can be very beneficial for a person who may not have the money, up front, to hire a solicitor. Please note that the no win no fee structure can differ depending on where you live. Take for example in the United States, lawyers or solicitors are only allowed to charge what was reasonably and what the client and his or her representation has contractually agreed to for accident claims. In the United Kingdom, solicitors can charge their normal fee in addition to what is called a success fee, which is a bonus for winning the case.

Compensation Claims – No Win No Fee Solicitor Incentive

Generally when a solicitor decides to take on compensation claims cases and no win no fee is guaranteed it is because there is sufficient evidence that could lead to a win. For the client, this type of fee structure should give you some type of comfort because you know that the solicitor to put forth his best effort because if he does not win he does not get paid and it would be similar to him working for nothing. However, there is a downside to no win no fee solicitors; just because a solicitor advertises those services does not mean he will take on your case. Just because you feel your claim is valid does not mean that the evidence supports it. Consequently, there would be no incentive for the solicitor to take you on as a client. If he does, in spite of the lack of evidence, he would be taking on a big risk.

Compensation Claims – Next Steps

If you need an immediate response to a specific situation or have questions beyond the scope of the information on this page, talk to a compensation claims specialist. Submit your contact information using the form below. Once the information has been verified, a compensation claims specialist will be in touch with you.

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  • T S June 28, 2012, 5:11 am

    I would like advice on the following. I resigned from work after over 30 years with the Company, under duress. I had lodged a claim with the Empl0yment Tribunal which was to be heard on —. However I was intimidated by the Company’s solicitors to drop my claim but I refused. As a subsequence of this, my working environment became untennable, I was accused of mal practice, and then the Company decided to go back through company records (back 10 years) to find any discrepancies I had made. Over the past 3 years I have suffered severe depression, and indeed in view of the way I was treated had a break down at work on —- and went home sick. The next morning I was contacted by the Company solicitor advising me I had been suspended. I received a letter inviting me to a disciplinary meeting, and although under my GP and on increased medication for my depression I felt scared. The Company agreed for me to resign provided I drop my tribunal claim which I did. This has totally destroyed my character, and has subsequently now caused my family to suffer considerably financially. Can you help?

  • franca April 20, 2012, 5:29 am

    I live in a housing Association which is very badly run and I had a lot of problem such as : Noises during 4 7 am. for which I cannot sleep; I already spoke to the Manager but the situation is taking too long;
    Now There is also the problem of mices; ASo we have to do what they say such as to have poisoned trap and of course we do not know where the mice have their nest; The pest company have to come per about 4 othor times; So I cannot bear that they have to come and if I have some appointement I have to cancel because I do not trust the mantenance people in my flat when no there myself. He has a bad reputation.
    Plus I had to bear the problem of mould in my flat and after 2 years of letters finally I got it done; Ofcourse it is done so badly that it is starting againg to peel down in the bath and living room. Plus the tab are non working but kleaking and they say the have changes. I could non see whyle they were working because they do not want to be disturbed.
    Now I am feed up and if they cannot giveme a decent house as I want and in the location I wants, I am thinking if they give me a substantial amoutn if not I will go to report to mass media. What do you think? Could I have an appointement in your office as I cannot speak frome home where everybody can hear what I say (as I can to hear them but I am non noise) anyway let me know. Thanks. to my mobile or better to my email.

  • Shafiqur Rahman March 11, 2012, 7:51 am

    solicitor collects no fees it seems pretty good to me

  • PHIL JENKINS January 3, 2012, 11:10 am

    Myself and my partner had our civil partnersip on December 10th 2011, we had a contract with a DJ. who we had a contract with to dj for our evening reception, He never turned up ruining our evening reception i have contacted him and givin him 7 days to compensate us for breech of contract but all to no avail do i have a case to sue for breech of contract

  • Samantha December 7, 2011, 4:07 am

    My ex husband has published a book which is defamatory and contains a significant number of errors and inconsistencies. Much of the beginning of the book refers specifically to our sex life during our marriage and some individuals such as my children are personally named. Whilst I’m not it is clear who I am.

    We wish to discuss the possibility of a compensation claim for defamtion or similar grounds for the continuing significant emotional turmoil this has caused; please advise. xxxxx xxx xxx

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